Condensation - what causes it?

Condensation, mould growth, windows streaming with water and musty smells are all factors of poor ventilation, which is primarily caused by modern living and bad ventilation. Over the years, as dwellings have become more airtight with central heating and double glazed windows, the problem has become worse.


Condensation is caused by the build up of moisture in the air within the property, which is produced by the occupants going about their everyday activities. Dust mites, which have been linked to asthmas and other breathing related illnesses, thrive in damp conditions. Radon gas is also more likely to be a problem in badly ventilated homes.

Condensation water droplets on surfaces provide ideal conditions for mould spores already in the air to germinate and grow. Mould can grow on walls, ceilings, clothes and furniture, and as well as being damaging and unsightly it can be very costly requiring constant re-decoration and replacement.

So where does condensation come from?

It comes from us going about our everyday living, through showering, running baths, cooking, washing, drying clothes in the home and personally from us - it is estimated that one person can emanate approximately 4 pints of moisture per day. You cannot see this moisture as it is absorbed into the indoor air until it comes into contact with a cold surface to condense onto. Most condensation occurs at night as the fabric of the building cools down. This can be seen on nearly every bedroom window first thing in the morning. The moisture-laden air condenses on the cool surface of the window thus causing streaming windows.

What can be done to control condensation

Several years ago specialists would advise adding more ventilation to your property to alleviate condensation issues.

Okay, so we add more ventilation vents - but what do we do once they have been installed? We close them because they cause a draft!

Open the windows to let the air flow - it's freezing cold outside and we have our central heating system on inside to keep us warm - and we open our windows! Crazy.

Add a dehumidifier to the property - to extract the moisture within the air. They do not ventilate a home, they draw all the moisture from the home, leading to dry throats/coughs. They are large, heavy and intrusive items, very costly to run, can be noisy and need to emptied regularly as the water chamber fills up.

This is your answer

Technology has now moved on. We can supply and fit a condensation unit that is compact, requires no emptying, is very quiet (whisper-quiet), consumes very little power (running cost of an average light bulb) and requires no day to day maintenance. One unit is all you need (for up an average property with up to 3 bedrooms) and this can be either wall mounted for properties without loft space, or loft mounted if you have loft access. Each unit has a filter which should ideally be replaced once a year and the unit should also be serviced annually to ensure it will serve as an effective condensation control for many years to come.

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